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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Getting the Full Picture of Victims’ Rights in the Criminal Justice System

July 12, 2010

  • Guest panel presenters in the spring 2010 Crime Victim Litigation Clinic

This spring’s Crime Victim Litigation Clinic class hosted a panel discussion on Oregon victims’ rights.  Guest panelists were local defense attorney Lane Borg, Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Rod Underhill, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Kelly Skye, and Multnomah County Victims Assistance Program Coordinator Helen O’Brien. 

Each panelist explained his or her occupation, how it relates to victims’ rights, and his or her experiences with, and thoughts about, victims’ rights in Oregon.  Panelists candidly discussed their opinions of victims’ rights and the role victims should play in the criminal justice system. 

Instructor Terry Campos said, “This was a great opportunity for students and NCVLI staff to get a subjective evaluation of victims’ rights from the other participants in the system.”