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National Crime Victim Law Institute

NCVLI Protects the Rights of Victims of Online and Computer-Related Crimes

August 06, 2010

Recently, NCVLI announced a project designed to take victims’ rights enforcement international!  Responding to Online Fraud seeks to increase awareness of and provide support for all victims of online and computer-related crimes.  The international piece of the project is found in the additional support provided victims whose cases are prosecuted abroad – in those cases NCVLI will facilitate foreign legal services to protect victims’ rights.

In July, NCVLI truly launched the project in a case with approximately 900 victims.  The case, believed to be perpetrated by offenders residing in Romania, involves selling of fictional goods on online auction sites and hijacked auto websites.  NCVLI will serve as a “hub” of information for these victims, providing them with information on the status of the investigation, connecting them to resources to deal with the after-effects of the crime, and facilitating pro bono legal services in Romania as the case proceeds to prosecution. 

NCVLI victim advocate Jo Borkan is coordinating the project. 

Click here for more information about the Project and to learn about online and computer-related crimes.