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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Oregon Crime Victims Law Center

August 23, 2010

No-Cost Legal Representation

The Oregon Crime Victims Law Center can provide victims of crime with no-cost legal help in asserting and enforcing their rights. To be eligible for legal assistance from the Center you must be a victim or a survivor of a victim who is involved with a criminal or juvenile case that is either: 

  • currently pending in any state or federal court in Oregon; or
  • has something about it, such as payment of restitution in full, that is unresolved even though the prosecution of the case is over. 

Victim Services Beyond Legal Representation

The Oregon Crime Victims Law Center can also provide crime victims with, or direct victims to, social-support services, including services victims may need to effectively participate in the case against their offender and to help with their recovery. 

Victim support services are provided through the Center’s Victim Services staff.  Victim Services staff are able to meet with victims in our downtown Portland office, or in other locations in the metro area.  Victims residing outside of the Portland Metro area are typically conferred with over the phone. 

Our in-office services include intake interviews, assessment of social services, crisis intervention, preparation for court proceedings and other services as necessary.  If a victim desires, we may be able to provide court accompaniment.  Victim Services staff can also serve as a liaison to the public and nonprofit victim assistance community – providing extended victim support and community education regarding the “second injuries” victims often experience as they move through the justice system. 

Contact Info

Janine Robben
Phone: (503) 208-8160
Fax: (503) 935-5880

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