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Swagat Indian Cuisine

October 10, 2010

So, initially I went to Swagat because I was at the gym with a friend of mine and we wanted to get Indian food and a lady in the locker room said it was good. So we went and loved it and I’ve been back since. Although it’s location on trendyfirst might make you think parking would be impossible, they do have a small parking lot in front which eases the post-meal waddle back to the car. The atmosphere is relaxed and dimly lit with plenty of tables so you’re sure to get seated, I’ve never had to wait.

After we were seated they brought us a trio of chutneys to eat with our papadum (which is gluten free by the way!) and we made fast work of that. Luckily they brought our chai and lasi which were very good and lasted until our meal arrived which took sort of a long time. We also ordered the mixed veggie pakoras which included hot chili peppers and were alright (the hot chillies were my favorite), but not the kind of pakoras I’m used to. I would (and have) ordered them again, but they’re just not the same. Each entree comes either a la carte (for around $9), or as a dinner (for $15) and the dinner comes with rice, lentils, raita, and 2 other veggie curries as side dishes, and is followed by a small desert of 1 gulab jamun. I had the lamb tikka masala, which is rich and delicious with the raita. I keep on meaning to try the other options but I love it so much I order it every time. I’ve never actually been able to eat the lentils or curries that come with it. I love Indian food in general and Swagat is the real deal.

By Reiko Higuchi


  • Easy parking
  • Large portions
  • Intimate atmosphere


  • Food wait can be a wait
  • Can get pricey

For more information:

Alphabet District in the Northwest
2074 NW Lovejoy St.