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The Bomber Restaurant & Catering

October 10, 2010

ZoooommmMM!!!! PewwPewwwPEwwwwww!! “CRAZY SHARK TO BASE, DO YOU COPY!?” These and other inaccurate sound bites are what you will giddily shouting in the parking lot of Milwaukie’s Bomber Restaurant & Catering, where a real B-17 is perched high above for your viewing pleasure. The restaurant’s interior reflects this theme, with American flags, panoramic photos of bombers, and bomber-related clothing items and other souvenirs, including bomber trading cards and bomber necklaces. Eat ten famous Bomber Burgers and you’ll get a free bomber T-shirt!

Bomber Restaurant & Catering is an all-American diner that serves breakfast items like De Gaulle’s Special, 4 triangles of cinnamon French toast, or dinner items like Code-Name “Reuben,” a pastrami and sauerkraut on rye. There are also free pop and coffee refills, a predominantly elderly clientele, French fries galore, and other diner staples. The food is as greasy enough to lubricate a B-17’s engine for several wars, but this is exactly what you should expect and desire out of a diner.

Although the restaurant is located in the city of Milwaukie, which many people are hesitant to travel to, it is really only a few minutes away from Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood in the SE. I am not reluctant to call this my favorite restaurant in the Portland area, so check it out.

By Grant Wilson


  • Real B-17
  • Themed
  • Friendly and attentive staff


  • Pretty far out – not in Portland exactly
  • Limited later day hours

For more information:

Milwaukie just south of Sellwood in the Southeast
13515 SE McLoughlin Blvd.