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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Victims’ Rights Partnership Award

October 21, 2010

  • The U.S. Attorney’s Victim Witness staff in Eastern Arizona

The U.S. Attorney’s Victim Witness staff in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson provide daily advocacy for federal crime victims in Indian Country and throughout the state of Arizona.  Advocates work with crime victims in crisis to help them understand their rights under the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act.  Not only do they ensure that federal victims know the status of their federal case, but they provide assistance to victims in need to enable them to attend court proceedings.  They also provide referrals to financial and social services, give support before and during trial, and gather victim impact and restitution information for presentation at sentencing.

In addition to violent crimes committed in Indian Country, Arizona shares a border with Mexico and the Victim Witness staff works with victims of border crime cases such as human trafficking, hostage taking, roll-over vehicle accidents resulting in seriously bodily injury or death, and assault on federal officers.

Victim Advocates provide vital services to all federal crime victims.  They work with victims of white collar cases such as mortgage fraud, theft, postal crimes, and identity theft.  In addition, they work with victims of bank robberies, homeland security, and supervised release violations.  In all of these cases victims’ rights must be protected.  Victim Advocates play an important role in helping the victim know that he or she is not alone.  They help victims prepare for potential outcomes of court proceedings and work tirelessly to support all federal victims of crime.

The Victim Witness staff works hard to fulfill their mandates under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act, where victims have the right to be protected, notified, heard, present, to confer with the government, to a speedy trial, to receive restitution, and to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.

About the NCVLI Victims’ Rights Partnership Award


NCVLI’s Victims’ Rights Partnership Award recognizes the collaborative efforts of individuals and/or organizations who have devoted their time to advancing crime victims’ rights.