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November 29, 2010

Etta Lockey

Graduating Year:  2011
Hometown: Portland, OR
Favorite Places in Portland:  Mt. Tabor
  • Etta Lockey

Graduating Year:  2011

Hometown: Portland, OR

Undergraduate & Previous Work Experience:  Before coming to law school I worked as an English teacher in Japan, a bread baker, and a paralegal

Area of Interest:  Business and energy law

Extracurricular Activities: Co-President of the Business Law Society

Just for Fun:  Running, cooking, and crafting

Favorite Places in Portland:  Mt. Tabor

Why did you pick Lewis & Clark Law School?
I chose Lewis & Clark for its location.  Portland is a great city to live in and when I applied, I knew I wanted to stay here to practice law.

What do you like about Lewis & Clark?
I took five years off between graduating as an undergraduate and coming to law school.  In coming to law school, I was worried about being an “old” student.  However, because Lewis & Clark has such a robust evening student program, and because of the type of students Lewis & Clark attracts, it wasn’t an issue at all.  The student body here represents a range of backgrounds, experiences, and ages, which makes it a very comfortable learning environment.  The diverse student body also means I am frequently challenged (respectfully!) in my views, which I find refreshing; learning from my fellow students is just as important as learning from a case book or a professor.

Any reason for electing Business Law as a focus?

Focusing on business law was a natural choice for me.  It combines my interest in corporate structures, labor, and free and regulated markets.  In addition, studying business law has helped me learn more about how businesses function and how to think about business, and not just legal, risk.

What has been your favorite experience so far?
At the time, studying for finals feels terrible.  However, thinking back on the last two years, some of my favorite school-related memories are from those intense study sessions.  There’s a unique feeling of camaraderie between law school classmates who are all facing the same terrifying final.

Any advice for new students?
Always read before class.