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Emily Auerbach

December 21, 2010

  • Emily Auerbach

What I am doing with my law degree:
I am an associate attorney at Kell, Alterman & Runstein.

Areas of law my work involves:
I focus my practice in business and corporate law, estate planning and administration, and nonprofit law.

My best experience at Lewis & Clark: 
As a Business Law Roundtable Scholar I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in lively roundtable discussions with students, professors and business community members.

My reason for electing business law as a focus:
I focused in business law after taking Professor Jennifer Johnson’s Business Associations and Advanced Business courses.  She projected diagrams I assumed depicted semi-conductors or Pacman mazes, but actually showed how subprime mortgages and derivative trades functioned.  She explained the systems and practices that lead to frozen credit markets and lost homes, which I found fascinating.

My favorite course:
I loved Appellate Advocacy with Assistant United States Attorney and Professor Kelly Zusman.  Professor Zusman thoroughly explained writing and litigation techniques essential to advocates.  She carefully reviewed our appellate briefs and offered helpful feedback.  Professor Zusman also asked difficult questions during oral argument and arranged for a moot court in front of judges and appellate attorneys.  While teaching us these practical skills, Professor Zusman remained a kind and affirming teacher.

My favorite professor:  I am especially grateful for employment law Professor Jeff Jones and tax law Professor Jack Bogdanski.  I not only enjoyed their courses, but I also benefited from their willingness to mentor.  While I was in law school, Professor Jones encouraged my interest in employment law and set up informational interviews with local attorneys.  After I graduated, Professor Bogdanski continued to meet with me to discuss ways to improve my understanding of various tax regimes tax and tax research strategies.  Their commitment to their students’ success extends beyond the classroom.

What I am most proud of:
The close friends I made during law school.  We spend holidays together.

Advice for prospective or current law students:
I encourage students to become active participants in Portland’s legal community.  The bar is full of welcoming lawyers and willing mentors who can help shape your career.  For example, Dean Lisa LeSage cultivated my interest in business law by explaining how the practice works and encouraging me to join professional associations.  She also connected me with an associate at Kell, Alterman & Runstein, where I am now privileged to practice law.

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