January 06, 2011

SE Grind Coffee House

 A 24-hour coffee shop with free internet, great coffee, and a friendly staff.
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SE Grind is one of the best 24 hour coffee places in the South East. Located off of Powell at 15th, the Grind has free Wi-Fi for customers and sells some of the best coffee Portland has to offer. The clientele consists predominantly of students, rendering table room scarce at the peak of finals season. Regardless, die-hard law students need not fear a lack of studying space in the wee hours of the morning (1-4am) when all those other lazy bums are snuggled in bed sucking their thumbs. Great coffee and internet aside, the Grind has the friendliest staff on the face of the planet—always animated and weirdly cheerful, I usually leave the Grind feeling a little less cantankerous. And, if you enjoy expensive caffeinated beverages, like “lattes” or “mochas,” they make any drink match the customer’s taste. Not too sweet and not too bitter, their coffee-making magic is pretty much the shit (not to mention their taste in music). P.S. their chai is awesome. Like your mom.

By Tracey Howell