January 06, 2011

Twin Paradox Café

A quiet and spacious coffee shop that is also open late.

I can speak for myself and all others in saying that I am totally sick of coffee shops closing hours before the sun goes down. Trendy Europeans, the undisputed champions of coffee shops, wouldn’t even wake up during normal business hours.I am therefore quite relieved when coffee shops are open late, and Sellwood’s Twin Paradox Café is open until 11pm or 12am every night of the week. It also has a big open layout that is much appreciated in comparison to many of Portland’s claustrophobia-inducing coffee shops that feel like they were stuffed into someone’s sock drawer. Despite all the space, there are only a few electrical outlets, so plan on having your computer charged up or bringing books to study from.


The Twin Paradox Café’s baristas—always smiling and dripping in charm—serve up unusual drinks like their coffee “cocktail” specialties, as well as the coffee and tea staplesnormally served at coffee shops. The food selection is limited, but the few pastries they have are baked in-house and delicious. After you get your drink and a snack and plop down into one of their plush couches, you will notice that you feel unusually relaxed for being in a Portland coffee house. This unprecedented coffee house feeling is the lack of blaring music written by obnoxious whiney teenagers who have read more LiveJournals than books. Instead, you’ll hear some Frank Sinatra classics or, amazingly, even silence! Enjoy this unusual moment and study in relative peace.


By Grant Wilson