January 06, 2011

Stumptown Belmont and Stumptown Annex

The coffee shop has a good selection of beverages, but the Annex may be a better study spot.  The location is great if you are looking for food or other study break diversions.

Stumptown Belmont and Stumptown Annex sandwich the Aalto Lounge at 33rd and Belmont. The Belmont location is open 6a-9p M-F and 7a-9p on the weekend. The Annex is open 8a-7p daily. The Belmont location is the place to order drinks (all coffee drinks are doubles) or snacks like bagels, biscotti, chocolate chip cookies and bacon cheddar biscuits. A 16 oz latte is $3.10 and a 16oz chai (spicy) is $3.30. They also have a variety of other drinks including Izze Soda, Coca Cola with real sugar and Queen’s Iced Tea which is a thyme tea from Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant. The Annex only sells plain cups of coffee, bags of beans and coffee makers, but has a couple tables and may make the better study location. It also has free public tastings from 12p-2p every day.

The Belmont coffee shop is a little louder than the Annex with music and chatter if you need some background noise. The place is long and skinny so you can sit at the 5 counter seats at the window, with a four plug outlet, or you can sit all the way at the back. There are several tables, but mainly for two people so not the place for a big group. There are a couple outlets and always a number of people looking busy on their computers. The staff and service at both places has always been great, but the crew at the Annex typically have more time to chat (I went in once needing help with what coffee to buy and got a very detailed and helpful description of different coffee flavors and what works best for French Press).


The shops’ location on Belmont is great if you need to take a study break. They are close to Laughing Planet for delicious burritos, Hoda’s Middle Eastern Restaurant or Saint Cupcake for a quick dessert. The Avalon Theater is two blocks down on 35th and looks a little sketchy, but has movies for $2.50-$4 and an arcade. It may be a little far from school, but once you go East Side you’ll never want to go back.


By Rosalia Gobeo