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Donna Oden-Orr

January 07, 2011

Hometown: Bronx, NY
Class Year: 1996
Prior Education: Oregon State University

What I am doing with my Law degree:
I am an Attorney-Advisor for the Bonneville Power Administration where I advise and represent the agency in Federal Labor and Employment matters. Prior to working at Bonneville I was a prosecutor for Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office for 6 years.

What do I enjoy most about my job:
Flexibility is definitely one of the highlights of my position. I have two children, Christopher (10) and Elijah (6), the ability to have control of my calendar is a wonderful benefit. I also enjoy the variety of my work. In addition to my primary practice areas, I have the opportunity to work in other areas of the law, including government ethics, policy, and contracts.

Best experience at Lewis & Clark:
The PILP Auctions are the first thing to come to mind. They were always fun and entertaining. I also enjoyed the beautiful physical setting of the Law School, looking out the windows of the library and having class outdoors on the lawn.

My favorite course:
Conflicts of Law with Don Large, he made the class come to life with stories and real-life insights.

What I am most proud of:
My family. I have a wonderful husband, Melvin Oden-Orr (also a practicing attorney) in addition to my two great kids.

What or who influenced you the most:
My mother was the most influential person in my life. From an early age she encouraged me to pursue my dream of practicing law and supported me throughout my life.

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