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Ravi Puri

January 07, 2011

Sole Proprietor, Cyberspace Law

Hometown: Redmond, Oregon
Class Year: 2002
Prior Education: Oregon State University

What I am doing with my Law degree:
I practice general business law in Orange County, California, with a focus on working with Internet companies. My typical work day leads me to draft contracts, read and interpret contracts, resolve escalated customer and third party disputes, settle competitor discrepancies, assist with responses to subpoenas and maintain the overall well-being of a company’s activities.

Areas of law my work involves:
Primarily, there are three main areas of law that I work in daily: 1) General business filings; 2) Trademark law for domain name disputes; and 3) legal review of new business ideas, ventures, and acquisitions. With the Internet being an international business, I work with companies on the other side of the world, as well as companies in the same state. With more activities taking place on the Internet, there are more avenues to branch into and become involved with. Intellectual property laws, international laws and treaties, and complex mergers and acquisitions provide plenty of fodder for potential problems. By gaining knowledge of the industry, I can play the role of a mediator as well as an educator. The Internet is fast-paced and keeps me on my toes, which makes it very exciting!

Best experience at Lewis & Clark:
The best experience at Lewis & Clark was the opportunity to work with real clients via the legal clinic. This allowed me to put my legal skills into practice to assist low income individuals in a variety of issues, including EEOC/unemployment disputes.

My favorite course:
Corporate and Partnership Tax Law with Professor Bogdanski.

What I am most proud of:
I’m most proud of the opportunity to get involved with the legal clinic and moot court activities to put my legal skills into practice. I was fortunate to work with a great partner, David Evans, to win first place and advance to the regional competition.

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