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Kristine Bernhardt


Kristine was born and raised in West Milford, New Jersey. She then spent seven years living in the Las Vegas, NV area before moving to Portland to get her J.D. She is currently working on her Animal Law LL.M.

As a teenager, Kristine volunteered at the animal shelter in her hometown. While living in Vegas, she volunteered as a foster with various animal rescues throughout the valley. Obtaining a law degree was something that Kristine wanted to do since she started her undergrad degree, but she was unable to determine what area of law she wanted to practice in. It wasn’t until about five years ago that she discovered Animal Law and Lewis & Clark’s Animal Law Certificate and LL.M. Programs.

While working on her J.D., Kristine focused on criminal and animal law and received certificates in both areas. She is now furthering her legal education by working toward her LL.M. (because one can never have too much law school). After graduation, she wants to prosecute crimes against animals in Las Vegas.

Kristine is the proud pet momma to Loki (crazy senior pug), Maddy (large mix-breed puppy), Breezy (overly affectionate meow), Stormy (fluffy meow), Trixie (always yelling meow), Mandalay (demonic meow), and Thor (hoppy bun bun).

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