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Ethan Snyder

  • Ethan Snyder
    Ethan Snyder

Brief Background: Prior to starting my second year at Lewis & Clark Law School, I attended Syracuse University College of Law. Despite holding a strong affinity for my instructors and many of my peers, after 172-inches of snow, I decided to return home to Portland.

Additionally, before my law school career, I worked as a ninth through twelfth grade English Teacher in the Delta of Mississippi before moving back to Oregon and working as a Director at both Umpqua Community College and Portland State University. 

My Top Three Activities: 

  1. American Constitution Society (ACS): ACS has really helped me connect with people that have similar goals and ideals around the law. It has also helped me connect with a national network of lawyers.
  2. Classroom Law Project: As part of the Street Law course at Lewis & Clark Law School, I have the opportunity to teach constitutional and criminal law to high school students at Reynold’s High School. This is an amazing opportunity to introduce students to the law while also helping them understand their rights.
  3. Open & Out Reading Group: I am part of a social justice book club that focuses on works around LGBTQIAA+, racial equity, and access to justice issues. It is really nice to have an opportunity to explore important issues with non-law student friends that really challenge me.

Favorite Class:  My favorite class that I have taken at Lewis & Clark Law School is Federal Courts with Professor Klonoff. Not only is Professor Klonoff an incredible instructor but the content of the course is really fascinating and helps you gain a deep understanding of the Supreme Court of the United States and federal courts’ interactions with state courts. Professor Klonoff really challenges students to analyze law and policy in a way that is rewarding.

Why law school? I started considering law school during my undergraduate career at Portland State University. It was not until I worked in the Delta of Mississippi where I learned that there are still schools that have not desegregated after Brown v. Board of Education and the true impact of unequal access to education and voting that I was catalyzed to go to law school. I want to be an ally to individuals that the law should protect instead of oppressing.

Why Lewis & Clark? Lewis & Clark Law School just feels like home. I love the beautiful campus where you can literally just walk out into the forest on a stressful day. Almost every window you look out at the school is into beautiful wooded areas. Truly, Lewis & Clark is a serene place to study. Additionally, students at Lewis & Clark are highly dedicated and are serious students. Finally, I appreciate going to a school that prioritizes student mental health and wellbeing while balancing the rigors of law school.

Advice on choosing a law school: Go to the law school that you feel comfortable at and can see yourself for the next three years. Although I loved Syracuse University College of Law for many reasons, it was located in an area that was just not a great fit for me. Despite the financial support they offered, my educational experience has been much more rich and fulfilling here at Lewis & Clark.

Hardest thing about adjusting to law school: The schedule. There is nothing that can prepare you for the lack of time in every day to complete the tasks you have been assigned. That being said, you get better at it and you are surrounded by a ton of people experiencing the same type of stress you are — lean on them!

My Top Ten List:

  1. Swine (Paramount Hotel)
  2. Barlow
  3. Brix Tavern
  4. Powell’s Books
  5. Farmer’s Market in the Park Blocks
  6. Multnomah Falls
  7. Lincoln City
  8. Taco Peddler (NE Broadway near Lloyd)
  9. Forest Park
  10. Japanese Gardens


  • I am a huge Harry Potter fan
  • I love running
  • I am on a mission to find the best enchiladas in Portland
  • I have an unhealthy relationship with hairspray.
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