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Cole Downey

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Brief Background: I spent a year between my bachelor’s degree and my first year of law school as a substitute teacher and bartender in my hometown. I am trying to learn how to cook better, so I’ve been trying to tackle a new food each month. I’ve been learning how to do Mac and Cheese for the past 2 years. I watch way too many pretentious indie movies and moved to Portland because it’s where all the uppity musicians tour. I stopped drinking caffeine so now I carry around an obnoxious amount of herbal tea.

Currently I’m attempting to survive my 1L year, to find a dog that likes napping just as much as I do, and to solve the riddle that’s on the back of my Oreo O’s cereal box. I am acting co-treasurer for the Student Bar Association, and assist the L&C admissions department by giving tours to incoming and prospective students. I work as a legal assistant for Berkey Miltenberger LLC, and am a frequent feature in the bottom four teams of any bar trivia in the greater Portland metro area. I am incredibly excited to be a student at Lewis and Clark, and even more excited to continue my adventure in Portland.

Favorite Class at Lewis & Clark and Why?
Professor Hadley Van Vactor Kroll’s Lawyering class. Her and (my TA) Lynette keep bringing us candy. Also, Prof. Van Vactor Kroll puts commendable effort into replicating a real-life law experience so her students can better understand current and future “lawyering” expectations in a professional setting.

Why Law School?
I felt I had hit a point in my life where I wasn’t learning anything new. Law school offered an opportunity to study a new profession, while also providing the opportunity to participate in a larger national conversation. Plus, I’m shallow and thought it might be nice to make money.

Why L&C?
The mascot is a Newfoundland named Pio, which is straight up delightful.

Advice on How to Choose a Law School
Law school is hard, and your biggest comfort are the people you undertake it with. I know that’s not something that will really help you pick a school, but I promise that whatever program you commit to will offer marvelous people from every walk of life.

Hardest Thing About Adjusting to Law School?
There is no substitution for understanding of the concepts. Conceptual comprehension requires a combination of in class participation, deep involvement in the readings, and independent study mechanisms to refine your personal mastery of each subject. And then you still get a B-. Toughen up and keep grinding.

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