Kelsey Furman

Kelsey Furman

Brief Background: Born in La Grande, Oregon, my family moved to Ohio and then to Indianapolis where I graduated high school. The liberal arts curriculum at DePauw University led me to a Geology major that included study abroad in Australia and fieldwork on the Great Barrier Reef. My first job out of college was teaching elementary science in Brooklyn, NY. I felt most passionate about teaching when introducing kids to the human impact on the environment. My two years of teaching science sparked my interest to protect future generations from environmental issues through the pursuit of a law degree at L&C.

My Top Extracurricular Activity: The Northwest Environmental Defense Center has been a great organization to be involved in because it gave me the opportunity to do actual environmental work throughout my first year. Within weeks of starting classes I helped write a petition to hopefully expand the list of Outstanding Resource Waters in Oregon. L&C offers so many organizations and clubs to get involved in that allow first years to work on projects that are more specific to their interests.

My Favorite Law Class: My favorite law class so far has been “Lawyering” because it was the smallest 1L class. The fewer amount of students meant the lawyering class grew pretty close over the year and it was easier to build a connection with the professor.

Why Lewis & Clark?
I knew I wanted to go to a school with an outstanding environmental program (#1!!!). I have also always wanted to come back to the West Coast since moving from Oregon and after living in New York City for two years I knew that I wanted to be in a city environment.

Advice on choosing where to go to law school?
I was advised to go where I wanted to end up working after law school. It’s easier to build connections and network in an area if you’re actually there.

Hardest thing about adjusting to law school
Readjusting to homework. It is challenging to return home after a full day of discussing cases and then having to continue reading cases when all you want to do is turn your brain off. But you get used to it and faster at the readings.

Top Ten Favorite Things To Do:

  1. Hangout during a sunny lunch hour in the L&C amphitheater;
  2. Breakfast at Du Berry Cafe (amazing French toast);
  3. Hike in central Oregon;
  4. Walk around Sellwood on a nice day;
  5. Portland Japanese Garden;
  6. Tuesday night trivia at Tryon Creek Bar & Grill;
  7. Futon Pub’s patio;
  8. Cheap(ish) student tickets to Trailblazer games;
  9. Wayfinder; and
  10. Tryon Creek State Park 


Kelsey Furman, 3L
Zionsville, Indiana
DePauw University, Greencastle, IN
Environmental Law