Eden Taylor

Eden Taylor

Brief Background: Before law school I worked for a handful of nonprofit organizations focused on education and literacy. I worked most recently at a public library and had a wonderful time interacting with community members and being around all of the books.  I love reading for pleasure (obviously, I worked at a library) but I also enjoy being out in the wonderful natural areas that surround Portland and prowling the downtown for hidden gems.

My Top Three Favorite Activities:
I volunteer at a library which keeps me grounded in the community even though most of my time is spent on campus. I have been involved in various student groups like SABER, PILP, and this upcoming year SBA. Student group involvement is a way to connect with other classmates of similar interests.

Meaningful Academic Experience
I really enjoyed many of the lunchtime speakers the school or student groups brought to campus. They opened my eyes to areas of law I didn’t know existed and sparked an interest in many of these new topics as potential career paths.

Why Law School?
I decided to go to law school because I realized I, like so many other people, wanted to make a positive difference and landed on law school as an avenue to impact change.

Why Lewis & Clark?
I applied to Lewis & Clark for the environmental program and decided to come to school here because of the beautiful location and how welcoming everyone was.

How to choose a law school: 
Choose a place that has what you need to succeed. It’s all about matching who you are and what you need to the school’s available resources.

Hardest thing about adjusting to law school: 
For me, the hardest thing was adjusting to so many new things at once. A new city, new home, new school, new people, new way of thinking and learning, and a lot of new information.


Eden Taylor
3L day student
Fayetteville, Arkansas
University of Arkansas- Fort Smith
Environmental and access to justice concerns