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International Environmental Law Project (IELP)

Doug Hageman ’17

Hageman started at his current position as Legal Counsel to the Senate of Palau on June 4, 2018. He completed his undergraduate degree at the American University in Bulgaria, his LLM in International Law at the University of Kent Brussels School of International Studies, and his JD at Lewis & Clark Law School.

While at the law school, Hageman developed indispensable relationships and skills by joining the Jessup International Moot Court team and participating in the International Environmental Law Project (IELP).

“With Jessup, we had to be aware that the judges we would argue in front of came from all over the world, and IELP does work for governments, international organizations, and NGOs around the world as well,” Hageman said. These organizations “not only exposed me to brilliant legal minds from around the world – who, in turn, have become great friends – but helped give me the confidence in my professional abilities to pick my life up and move 6,500 miles away for a job,” he said.

Hageman values the opportunity he had to work with Chris Wold and Erica Lyman. “We’re all decent writers by the time we get to law school, but working with IELP really made me push myself to write better,” he said.

He also credits IELP for introducing him to the possibility of working in Palau. “Palau was never specifically part of my plan, but the one thing I learned fairly early on is that, often, all it takes to have an international career is your first international job – and the quickest way to get that first job is to venture off the beaten path.”