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International Environmental Law Project (IELP)

Alice Stroud ’01

After graduating with a DEA (LLM equivalent) in international and European law from the University of Paris, Alice Stroud came to Lewis and Clark law school to study for a LLM in environmental and natural resources law where she was part of the IELP clinic from 2000 to 2001. At the clinic, she focused her research on the assessment of financial contributions at the International Whaling Commission and drafted recommendations for a more equitable contributions scheme. These proposals were incorporated into a working document reviewed by IWC member countries and directly influenced debate on this issue before the Commission. This made her realize the important role lawyers specialized in international environmental law can play for developing countries.

After graduating from Lewis and Clark in 2001, she worked as a legal advisor for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, a UK based organization devoted to the conservation of cetaceans. In 2006, she started directing a capacity-building program for French-speaking African countries for the Species Survival Network, a network of more than eighty non-governmental organizations specialized in the conservation of endangered species affected by international trade where she still works today.

“My work within IELP helped me reconcile my international human rights background and my international environmental law specialty. I am now using the skills and the knowledge I have acquired in law school to help developing countries. I strongly recommend the IELP clinic to anyone interested in finding ways to make a difference internationally”