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Benjamin Cregger

Benjamin Cregger

Brief Background:
Among my many former jobs, one that I particularly enjoyed was helping run the art studios for Portland Community College. It was always great to host the open studio hours, hear about what people were excited to work on, and help our students out however I could. After helping run the student art sales and shows, I found a hidden love for business which was why I decided to eventually move back in with my wonderful grandmother and study accounting in undergrad.

Best class:
Animal Law Review has been one of the most meaningful and important parts of my education. It is such a supportive community and privilege to be a part of. It is a wonderful opportunity and one I wish I could share with everyone interested in any form of advocacy work. I feel better prepared and empowered with the tools I need by law review than any other class or activity. If you have the opportunity to join a law review, I highly recommend it.

As a close runner-up, the Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic is really quite special as well. Rather than just working on something artificial and theoretical, you have this amazing chance to make a meaningful positive impact on someone’s life. Professor Sarah Lora is an incredible mentor who really cares about making a difference in our community and helping others find a way to do the same.

A meaningful academic experience outside the classroom:
Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC) lets students volunteer on some pretty inspiring environmental protection efforts. These projects are important and provide some exceptional opportunities to get our feet wet working on relevant legal tasks. I am so grateful to be involved with NEDC.

Top 3 places to eat in Portland:

  1. Aviv is spectacular and probably my personal first pick for a nice treat. It is an Israeli place just on the other side of the river. It is a short walk from the Orange MAX line Clinton/SE 12th stop (bicycle or TriMet is the best way to get around town by the way). The shawarma fries, hot of course, are basically the best thing ever.
  2. Petunia’s Pies & Pastries used to be this great card table that would pop up at farmer’s markets and the like. They now have a permanent location on 12th and Alder which is a short walk from Powell’s main bookstore. Still waiting for an apple tort to show up on the menu, however.
  3. Vtopia is a few blocks from the Goose Hollow MAX stop and is a dairy-free cheese monger. Which might sound odd, but it is amazing. They have the best mac’n’cheese I have ever had. It is a phenomenal treat. All three places are free of animal food products, of course.

A great place for caffeine:
I would be lost without a good source of caffeine. Tao of Tea on 35th and Belmont is pretty exceptional. There is a beautiful teahouse and next door is a shop that sells loose leaf teas.


Benjamin Cregger, 3L