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Spencer Donaldson

Spencer Donaldson

Brief Background:
Before Law School I was a high school dropout and by sheer luck/connections I landed a pretty decent job in software sales. After a few years, I became very bored with my career and wanted to pursuit something in politics or law. I continued to work full-time in sales during the day while I pursued a BS in Economics at night and applied to law school immediately after graduating from Utah State University.

Three Activities I’m Involved In: 

  1. Student Bar Association: I was involved in the SBA during my 2L year as the party planner. It was wonderful because I got to work with a lot of the campus administrators and students that I normally would not work with. I also had the opportunity to represent the student body in a small way and help the SBA make important decisions that affect all LC students.
  2. Crime Victims’ Rights Alliance: I helped restart the CVRA during my first year as a law student. We hosted numerous events on campus that opened my eyes to many of the issues that victims of crime face in our current justice system. It helped me learn how I can be more sensitive to those needs as a prosecutor in my future career.
  3. Bad Faith: I started a rock band with some of my classmates during my first year of law school since a number of us played instruments. We call ourselves Bad Faith as a nod to the legal term and because it sounded kind of punk-ish. Maybe when the pandemic settles down you can come to a show

Favorite Class at L&C:
My absolute favorite class at Lewis & Clark was the Evidence Class taught by adjunct Professor’s Zusman and Sussman. I think it was my favorite because they are federal prosecutors who teach this class after work. So, they bring their fresh experiences to the classroom to make the subject more practical. Not to mention the textbook they chose did away with the long (sometimes confusing) cases and replaced them with brief summaries and easily digestible explanations and examples.

Why law school?
Watching Donald Trump win the election played some part in it. I mean, if that guy can run a nation then surely, I could at least pass the bar. At the time I made the decision to go to law school I was involved in local politics volunteering for the Utah Democratic Party. Most of the successful politicians I brushed shoulders with seemed to have a law degree, so I thought law school would be a good place to start if I wanted to have a career in politics. Now, after being in law school for a couple years, I’m not so interested in legislating anymore. I’m more interested in working as a prosecutor, but maybe one day down the line I would be open to the idea again.

Why Lewis & Clark?
I applied to schools all over the nation, but ultimately my spouse and I didn’t want to be too far away from our families in Utah. We narrowed it down to schools in the PNW. We visited some of the cities: Seattle, Spokane, and Portland. Portland was by far our favorite and my wife’s cousin lived there as well so when Lewis & Clark accepted me it was a no-brainer.

My Top Favorite Bars/Restaurants in Portland:

  1. A Roadside Attraction. An all cash bar with a covered outdoor patio, a pool table, great steak, and Slayer on the jukebox.
  2. Saburo’s Sushi House. Hands-down the best sushi I’ve ever had. The pieces of sushi are almost as big as my fist and buttery as hell.
  3. El Gallo Taqueria/Robo Taco (tie). If you want tacos go to one of these places instead of Por Que No. You’ll just end up waiting 45 minutes for over-priced tacos at Por Que No that aren’t any better than El Gallo or Robo Taco.
  4. Creepy’s. Really cool bar with lots of weird decorations all over the walls, pinball machines, and a photobooth.
  5. Spaghetti Factory. Yes, it’s a chain restaurant, but Portland was their first location and their building on the Willamette River front is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, you can get a full course meal for around $15.
  6. Red Sauce Pizza. Best pizza I’ve had in Portland and their cheesy bread is phenomenal.
  7. The Godfoot. This place is a really cool bar with a dance floor in the basement. They play great old-school funk on Funk Fridays. Even my wife, who doesn’t like dancing all that much, enjoys letting loose here.
  8. Twilight Café and Bar. If you like heavy metal this is a great place to catch a live show and they have the hottest chicken wings I’ve ever had in my life.
  9. Holocene. Another great bar for dancing. They don’t really have a set style of music which is cool cause it varies from night to night depending on the DJ.


Spencer Donaldson, 3L
Pleasant Grove, UT
Utah State University
Criminal Law (prosecution)