Erin Mondloch

Anticipated Graduation Year 2024


Anticipated graduation year? I plan to graduate in 2024 from the part-time evening program.

Hometown? I grew up in Missoula, Montana. I moved to Portland about three years before starting law school, and I plan to stay.

Undergraduate & previous work experience? I got my undergraduate degree at the University of Montana in physics and applied math. Afterward, I got my PhD in physics from the University of Oregon. My dissertation research was in quantum optics. I realized I didn’t want an academic job after graduating, so I started looking for jobs in the Pacific Northwest where my background would be helpful. I ended up as a technical specialist at an IP firm in Portland, helping to prepare and prosecute patent applications in many different technologies.

Are you currently employed? If so, with whom? I’m a patent agent at Kolitch Romano LLP, a Portland IP law firm.

What sparked your interest in studying intellectual property law? I became involved in IP originally because of my patent technical specialist job. I liked the work right away because of the scientific subject matter and technical writing. As I became more involved in patent prosecution, I also enjoyed learning more about the law and how it determined our options and strategies.

What do you find most interesting/surprising about intellectual property law? Considering how early some IP law was established, I was initially surprised to learn how much it still continues to evolve. Statutes and court cases from the last several years have had a major impact.

Favorite places in Portland: My favorite places in Portland are Powell’s and Sellwood Park.

Why did you pick Lewis & Clark Law School? Lewis & Clark was my first choice partly because I wanted to continue to work at my firm in Portland during school. But I had already heard some really good things about Lewis & Clark from attorneys who went to law school here, so I was happy to have the opportunity to attend.

What has been your favorite experience so far? It’s been great getting to know my classmates – they’re a very fun, supportive group.