Sarah Rogers

Sarah Rogers

Brief Background: I graduated with a BA in Journalism and minor in Photography from Loyola University Chicago in 2011. During undergrad, I worked as a photographer, ran the school’s film photo lab, and wrote for some school publications. I also studied theater and performed in two Loyola productions—both musicals. Between undergrad and law school, I managed a ballroom dance studio for a year, then I spent six years working as a coordinator at two court reporting and legal videography firms where I was responsible for arranging depositions, hearings, etc., across the world. The coordinator jobs were fast paced, challenging, and solidified my desire to go into law, specifically public interest law. Most importantly, I spent a few years before law school volunteering with cats at Seattle Animal Shelter! I also still sing and take photos, but only for personal enjoyment.

Favorite Class at L&C
Extremely hard to choose, but probably Animal Law Fundamentals with Professor Joyce Tischler. I gained exposure to the many different areas of law used to advocate for/affecting nonhuman animals, Professor Tischler took us on meaningful trips outside the classroom, and I learned so much from my fellow classmates who were part of the Animal Law LLM Program.

Why law school?
I first though about going to law school my freshman year of undergrad way back in 2007. However, I was unsure if law was the right path for me. After undergrad, I sought out a law-related field to work in to see if law, specifically litigation, was the right fit (and decided it was definitely what I wanted to pursue). Unexpectedly, every experience I’ve had from acting and writing to arranging video conferencing for depositions has helped me gain valuable skills and experiences that I have applied in law school and at my externships and internships.

Why Lewis & Clark?
I chose Lewis & Clark for the Animal Law program. A vegetarian since fourteen, later turned vegan, and a life-long animal enthusiast, I was always interested in animal advocacy but never considered making it a career. When I looked into Lewis & Clark and saw that I could obtain a certificate in Animal Law, I knew it was the school for me. Studying and working in this field has been incredible and has put me on a path I never would have imagined for myself. Beyond wildest dreams type of stuff.

Advice for prospective students?
Talk to current students and try to visit campus, if possible (even virtually!). Choosing Lewis & Clark was not difficult for me because I wanted to be a part of the Animal Law program and had an overall desire to practice public interest law. However, getting a feel for the “vibe” of the school sealed the deal.

Hardest thing about adjusting to law school?
After working for seven years between undergrad and law school and having an undergrad experience that focused primarily on fine art, every aspect of law school was a big adjustment. First semester I battled some serious imposter syndrome. Recognizing that everyone experiences these feelings at some point (if not most of the time), immersing myself in classes and activities I cared about, and connecting with peers got me over that hurdle.

Top 10 11 Vegan Spots in Portland (in no particular order):

  1. Dirty Lettuce
  2. Epif
  3. Vtopia
  4. Ice Queen PDX
  5. Aviv
  6. Boxcar Pizza
  7. Obon Shokudo
  8. Jet Black Coffee Company
  9. Ditto!
  10. Mis Tacones
  11. Dingers Deli

On my list to try next: Plant Based Papi


Sarah Rogers, 3L
Originally from Michigan, but lived in Seattle, Washington prior to law school.
Loyola University Chicago
Children: No human children. One feline companion named Kurdt. We adopted him from Oregon Humane Society in 2018
Animal Law, which involves every area of law!