Nicholas K

Artist Statement

There are some days when I come home from work and idly wander around the home. Bear in mind there’s not much space to wander. It took me some time to realize I needed a subliminal outlet, such that I was able to process the variety of lives I would step in and out of over the course of a week. After a day of exercising persistent virtue, I feel anything but virtuous by 9:00 pm. Frankly, I would release the tap while driving home, allowing my less contained self to air its grievances.

I’ve found that coming home to a dependable process to be of significant benefit. The stamps allow me to lean into their design, while at once providing enough freedom to pursue my vision. While I often sought out specific imagery, I came to a deep appreciation for the work that occurred outside of intent.

I would press stamps onto scrap cards in order to achieve a variety of values. Although intentional pieces bear their own projective significance, my attention was captivated by those that occurred ‘inbetween.’ The final body of work would not be complete without representing the negative space, if only to acknowledge the often unaddressed realm that exists between our thoughts.