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(Closed) Law Scholars for Change | Summer Tuition Scholarship for Animal Rights Jurisprudence

The newly launched Law Scholars for Change program offers a JD student a full tuition scholarship for the Animal Rights Jurisprudence class at Lewis & Clark Law School’s Animal Law Summer Program, taught by Professor Steven Wise. Professor Wise has led the effort to obtain standing for animals using writs of habeas corpus. One of his current clients is Happy the elephant, involuntarily held in the Bronx zoo.

The Law Scholars for Change program is intended to support individuals who have demonstrated the passion and commitment to promote the welfare of animals through the law and who strive to advance the status of animals through innovations in awareness and advocacy, policy and regulation, and the use of new and existing laws for change.

Law Scholars for Change is committed to cultivating the education, practical experience, scholarship, and life work of a select group of promising law school students, post grads, and professionals as they advocate for and advance animal rights and protections.

Through tuition scholarships, clerkship and fellowship stipends, and the availability of small grants for special projects, the Law Scholars for Change program, founded by Charles Anderson and Pamela Gross, supports a high level of education and nurtures a community with the ultimate goal of advancing the rights and protections of animals.

The student receiving this scholarship will automatically become a member of the Law Scholars for Change community and may qualify for additional educational or career support opportunities as mentioned above.

Scholarship Qualifications:

  • Applicant must be a current JD student and meet the requirements to take the course as a Lewis & Clark Law Student or as a Visiting Law Student (see below for more information). This scholarship is not open to auditing students;
  • Applicant must demonstrate an outstanding commitment to animal law;
  • Applicant must follow the “How To Apply” instructions below and email their completed materials to CALS at on or before May 15, 2021 with the subject line “Law Scholars for Change Summer Scholarships”.

All scholarship decisions are made by the Center for Animal Law Studies in its sole discretion.

How to Apply:

To apply, applicants are to submit the following:

  • A copy of your most recent resume, with your current GPA noted;
  • A narrative format personal statement containing complete answers to the following questions in a maximum of 1 page. Your answers must be typed and double spaced. Be sure to include your name, year in law school, and email address. In your statement, please address the following, with each section utilizing the headings provided below:
    • Background in Animal Law. Please describe your background and interest in animal law.
    • Your Commitment to Animal Law. Describe how will this course fits into your educational plan or enhances your current legal work.
    • How The Scholarship Would Help. Please describe how you would use a scholarship to further animal law scholarship, advocacy, and/or study.

Receiving a scholarship does not guarantee a spot in the class. Applicants also must register for the course and follow all registration requirements for Lewis & Clark Students or Visiting Students. Tuition payments are not due until after scholarship decisions are made. If a scholarship is awarded, tuition will be paid on behalf of the recipient directly to the Lewis & Clark Student Accounts Office.

For more information and all requirements for Lewis & Clark Students or Visiting Students registration, please visit our Animal Law Summer Program website.

Animal Law Summer Program