Matt Constantino

Matt Constantino (they/them) is a mouthy thirty-year-old New York queer who spent most of their twenties making art, going dancing, and protesting the corporate state with their friends. Their work on SBA is grounded in the belief that the curriculum of every law school in the country would be better off if we humbly admitted that we are upholding certain indefensible traditions, and proceeded immediately to the creation and practice of a more accessible, antiracist, and liberatory pedagogy. They also recognize the value in smaller piecemeal reforms to reduce the harm done to the mental and physical health of students—especially students who are non-white, disabled, queer, women, or otherwise marginalized under the current regime.

Matt is currently working as an extern for the Oregon Innocence Project, assisting in the investigation and litigation of criminal cases on appeal and collateral review. This year, they look forward to researching Eighth Amendment issues regarding prisoners’ access to HIV/AIDS treatment while they are incarcerated.

Matt would love to talk to you about your thoughts on the curriculum, whatever poems you’re reading, and probably any little thing.

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