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Administrative Law 100A 100A

Mon|Wed 9:00AM-10:25AM
3 credits

Administrative law is the law relating to administrative agencies. It includes constitutional law (especially separation of powers and procedural due process),

Federal statutory law (especially the Administrative Procedure Act), and state statutory law (for example, Oregon’s Administrative Procedure Act).

The validity of government agencies’ actions depends on compliance with administrative law. Thus, lawyers for agencies, regulated industries, and public interest groups are vitally concerned with administrative law.

Fourteen states, including Oregon, test Administrative Law on their bar exams.

This course explores: sources and limits of agency authority; procedures federal agencies must use in investigation, rulemaking, and adjudication; and availability and scope of judicial review of federal agency actions.

The course uses a problem orientation to stress practical application of administrative law.

Evaluation: Exam
Programs: Animal|Environmental|Public Interest