Lisa Benjamin

Promotion, Associate Professor of Law

This page will continue to be updated throughout 2021-2022.

Materials for 2021-2022 Associate Professor Review

The standards for promotion to Associate Professor require the following:

  • Excellence in teaching. The faculty will review student evaluations and will also visit classes.
  • Scholarship: Scholarship will be evaluated by Lewis & Clark colleagues. The expectation is that at least one article will have been published or accepted for publication in an established law journal.
  • Service: Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to service to the Law School, the community at large, and the profession.


PUBLICATIONS (full list is included in CV):


Lisa Benjamin, Companies and Climate Change: Theory and Law in the United Kingdom (CUP: 2021)

Single Author Articles

Group Companies and Climate Justice

Renewable Energy and Trade: Meeting the Paris Agreement’s Goals Through a Two-Step Jurisprudential Advance

The Road to Paris Runs Through Delaware: Climate Litigation and Directors’ Duties

Book Chapters

Lisa Benjamin,1 Rueanna Haynes2, and Bryce Rudyk3, Compliance Mechanism, (forthcoming, Chapter 15 in A Commentary on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change eds. Geert Van Calster and Leonie Reins, Edward Elgar, 2021)

The Oxford Handbook or International Environmental Law (second edition)

Tourism Development, Governance and Sustainability in the Bahamas

Research Handbook on Transnational Environmental Law

Compliance in Trade and Environmental Law

Co-Authored Articles

Lisa Benjamin, Adelle Thomas, Gender and Climate Justice - Implications for Policy Formation in the Caribbean Region

Joana Setzer, Lisa Benjamin, Climate Litigation in the Global South: Constraints and Innovations

Lisa Benjamin, David Wirth, From Merrakesh to Glasgow: Looking Back to Look Forward in Emission Trading

Joana Setzer, Lisa Benjamin, Climate Change Litigation in the Global South: Filling in Gaps

Shorter Publications

Benjamin, Seck, The Escalating Risks of Climate Litigation for Corporations

Book Review: Climate Change and the Voiceless: Protecting Future Generations, Wildlife, and Natural Resources, by Randal Abate

Implementation Woes: Are Agencies Ready for Environmental Justice?

Book Review: Principles on Climate Obligations of Enterprises by the Expert Group on Global Climate Changes, Jaap Spier


Australian Research Council Discovery Projects

ARC DP22 Project on Investor Action

Possible Funding for CSSN Working Group

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