Linah Clifford Mfungo

Online LLM Candidate ’22


Linah is an Advocate of the High Court and Courts subordinate thereto and legal officer at TRAFFIC, the global wildlife trade specialists working in alliance with WWF, the Worldwide Fund for Nature, and IUCN, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Among other tasks, Linah works mainly on illegal wildlife trade and crimes, focusing on criminal justice in East Africa. In this role, Linah engages with different stakeholders such as wildlife authorities, judiciary, ports authorities, and prosecutorial services to improve treatment of wildlife crimes and identify priority needs in fighting wildlife crimes in East Africa and across the globe. She has led several workshops and trainings with judiciary, prosecutors, and other stakeholders since 2016.

Linah holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Mzumbe University, Postgraduate Diploma in Law from Law School of Tanzania, and has received various certificates in wildlife laws and case monitoring of wildlife cases. In addition to her expertise in wildlife law studies, she has extensive knowledge of East African trends, laws, procedures of wildlife, and environmental law in general.

Recognizing that there are few animal advocates in her country and that Lewis & Clark Law School provides the best courses in animal rights domestically and internationally, she decided that an Animal Law LLM was an effective doorway to this area of the law. She is looking forward to meeting other advocates and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations in the field of Animal Law.