Nancy Makuvise

Nancy is a keen and enthusiastic lawyer who has recently joined the first online Animal Law LLM class. She has over seven years of experience in criminal litigation as a Public Prosecutor in Zimbabwe, where she prosecuted cases ranging from common assault, to fraud to unlawful hunting of wildlife. She also holds a certificate in Animal Law and a certificate in Illegal Wildlife Trade and the Judicial System from USAID. It was whilst attending a training workshop on Animal Law that her passion for it was ignited. Ever since then, she has been using her knowledge and experience gained as a prosecutor in assisting in the prosecution of wildlife crimes in Zimbabwe.

Currently, Nancy works as a Senior Legal Counsel for Speak Out For Animals (SOFA), an organization fighting for the conservation of animals through the legal system. Whilst there, she has trained stakeholders involved in the investigation, prosecution, and adjudication of wildlife crimes. She has also been leading the SOFA student chapter at a local university and was a key player in the introduction of Wildlife Law as an elective module, the first of its kind, at the same university this year. After realizing that students are the future lawmakers, judges, prosecutors and magistrates, it became imperative that such a module be taught to them before getting into these key positions, and she served as the Assistant Lecturer.

“As the next generation of animal advocates, I realized if I wanted to change the world and its view on animals, I had to change myself first. And I am glad, I am doing just that as I study for this LLM. Next stop, the world. So, look out, world! Change is definitely coming!”