Funding Priorities

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These seven categories form the framework for the campaign at Lewis & Clark Law School. The campaign, the first in 20 years, seeks to raise $40 million by 2024. To date, we’ve raised over half of that amount and look forward to breaking our goal. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Truly, what the world needs most is what we do best—and what we do next depends on you.

Support Students

Students come to the law school full of dreams of becoming an attorney, being a change-maker, contributing to their community, supporting their families—in short, making a difference with their knowledge, grit, and dedication.

Donors play a significant role in helping students realize their dreams of becoming a lawyer. A scholarship provides financial relief for students, and equally important, it sends a vote of confidence to the recipient.

More information on ways to support students here. 

Train Climate Change Leaders

The climate crisis is the most formidable problem of our time—and it is one that will affect every single person on the planet. The world urgently needs thoughtful, informed leaders who can meet the challenge. Donor gifts that support the Environmental Law Program, its three clinics, and its faculty, secure the continued development of leaders who are advocating for policies and practices to halt and, we hope, ameliorate the worsening global situation.

More information on ways to train climate change leaders here.

Support Business Innovation

The innovative spirit within every successful business depends on solid legal foundations and discriminating advice. The Center for Business Law and Innovation (CBLI) and our two business clinics (Small Business Legal Clinic and Low Income Taxpayer Clinic) train students in law and strategic analysis, as well as with practical training, giving them the skills to support innovation efforts in the businesses they will serve.

More information on giving to support business law here.

Improve Criminal Justice

Our criminal law curriculum with our two clinics, Criminal Justice Reform Clinic and Crime Victims Litigation Clinic, goes beyond simply prosecution and defense, and includes advocacy on behalf of crime victims and work in criminal justice reform. Aided by donors, students here join with alums who are working at the forefront of criminal justice issues, making change through litigation, research and data collection, amicus briefs, representation, and more.

More information on improving criminal justice here.

Protect Animals

Animals and the humans who depend on them will continue to suffer as long as the laws determining their treatment are poorly considered and inconsistent.

The Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) and its three clinics are committed to training the next generation of animal law attorneys and advancing animal protection in the United States and around the world. 

More information on protecting animals here.

Advocate for Consumers

Our alumni have been engaged in some of the most important civil litigations of our time and our faculty are among the nation’s leaders in the field. The law school is creating a Center for Consumer Advocacy to bring current programs at the law school into a focused effort, expanding their reach.

To request more information, please email the development team.

Support Outstanding Faculty

Faculty are the foundation of Lewis & Clark. Their knowledge, diligence in both research and teaching, and heartfelt commitment to the success of every law student make our law school the unique place it is.

Supporting faculty through an endowed chair, professorship, or faculty scholar position provides a transformational impact for generations. Furthermore, an endowed position is one of the most prestigious gifts a donor can make.

More information on supporting faculty here.