Charlotte Edgar

Charlotte is a litigation lawyer based in Scotland, United Kingdom. She acts for a broad range of clients in disputes before the Scottish and English Courts.

In order to learn more about animal law, policy, and advocacy in Scotland, in 2020 Charlotte joined the Scottish animal charity OneKind as a voluntary trustee. OneKind seeks to end cruelty to Scotland’s animals. Charlotte enjoys being part of a team of likeminded people and her trustee role has developed her knowledge of charity governance, fundraising, and supporter engagement. OneKind’s campaigns include raising awareness of cephalopod and decapod crustacean sentience, for a ban on live animal exports, and to encourage a greater understanding of the needs of companion animals.

Charlotte is the first Scottish lawyer to study the Lewis & Clark Animal Law LLM program. She is a recipient of the Online Animal Law Advanced Degree Ambassador Award. In studying the Animal Law LLM, Charlotte is looking forward to learning about U.S. and international animal law and engaging with a supportive community of animal protection advocates and scholars. Her areas of interest include animal legal philosophy, farmed animal welfare, and the prevention of zoonotic disease. The Animal Law LLM will enable Charlotte to understand animal law from a global perspective.