Tatiana Gamache

Online LLM Candidate ’23


Tatiana is a recipient of the Online Animal Law Advanced Degree leadership award. She attended Lewis & Clark Law School and received a juris doctorate in 2018. While in law school, Tatiana was an Associate Editor of the Animal Law Review.

After law school, Tatiana worked as both a public defender and district attorney in both the state of Oregon and California. She is a barred attorney in both Oregon and California.

Throughout law school, Tatiana mainly focused on criminal justice reform. She volunteered at a youth detention facility and worked as a public defender and district attorney at the federal, state, and municipal level. After law school, Tatiana focused her career on public defense.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tatiana began to shift her focus back to animal law. The shift from in-person to remote work gave Tatiana the ability to explore opportunities in the Sacramento region where she could advocate for animal rights.

Tatiana’s long-term goal is to legislate for massive meat-packing reform. “COVID-19 brought to light on a national level that our current food system is not safe for either animals or workers. The inhumane, over-crowded, and dangerous conditions found in almost every factory farming organization needs radical restructuring.”

She also wants to implement animal law courses in law schools in her area. “Many law students are not aware of how much opportunity there is in the animal law field. Animal law courses are simply not present in many law schools. As attorneys, we have so much power and influence to do good for our community, but we need to have the opportunity present to do good. By bringing animal law courses into local law schools, it will give aspiring attorneys the information and opportunity necessary to get involved into becoming a positive change in their community and on a national level.”

“Now that I am a mother, a question I often ask myself is ‘what kind of world do I want my daughter growing up in?’ I want her to be raised in a world where the humane and fair treatment of animals is the norm, not the outlier. The only way to ensure that happens is to use my time and expertise as being part of the change.”