Jessica Tselepy

LLM ’23

Jessica is a recipient of the Animal Law Advocates Advanced Degree Scholarship and Online Animal Law Advanced Degree Ambassador Award.

Jessica is passionate about reconceptualizing and reforming the treatment of non-human animals in both national legislation and international instruments. She has worked on legal research projects for the Global Animal Law Association and the World Federation for Animals. She is a member of Animals Australia and the Animal Ethics Committee at Griffith University and volunteers with the RSPCA Queensland Prosecutions Team.

Jessica has completed a Juris Doctor at Bond University with First Class Distinction, with a focus on international law. She has also completed a Bachelor of Arts (International Relations/Psychology) at The University of Queensland.

She has recently contributed to the Pathway to the 2022 Declaration with a piece entitled ‘Recognising Animal Welfare in International Environmental Law’ (

To learn more about her recent work, you can listen to her guest appearance on Episode 10 of the Animal Law Matters podcast at:

You can also watch her panel presentation at the ALDF Student Convention 2021 at:

“The reticence of nation-states to change their harmful behaviour is founded in the commodifying language of international instruments, which neglect to adequately conceptualise the unique value of non-human animals in their own right.

I look forward to learning from and working with the world-class academics throughout the Animal Law LLM program, and to ultimately produce meaningful contributions that actualise in improved protections for non-human animals around the globe.”