Jessica Tselepy

LLM ’23

Jessica is a recipient of the Animal Law Advocates Advanced Degree Scholarship and Online Animal Law Advanced Degree Ambassador Award.

Jessica is passionate about reconceptualizing and reforming the treatment of non-human animals in both national legislation and international instruments. She has worked on legal research projects for the Global Animal Law Association and the World Federation for Animals. She is a member of Animals Australia and the Animal Ethics Committee at Griffith University and volunteers with the RSPCA Queensland Prosecutions Team.

Jessica has completed a Juris Doctor at Bond University with First Class Distinction, with a focus on international law. She has also completed a Bachelor of Arts (International Relations/Psychology) at The University of Queensland.

She has contributed to the Pathway to the 2022 Declaration with a piece entitled ‘Recognising Animal Welfare in International Environmental Law’ 

To learn more about her recent work, you can listen to her guest appearance on Episode 10 of the Animal Law Matters podcast here

You can also watch her panel presentation at the ALDF Student Convention 2021 here

“The reticence of nation-states to change their harmful behaviour is founded in the commodifying language of international instruments, which neglect to adequately conceptualise the unique value of non-human animals in their own right.

I look forward to learning from and working with the world-class academics throughout the Animal Law LLM program, and to ultimately produce meaningful contributions that actualise in improved protections for non-human animals around the globe.”