Kelsey Krier

Kelsey’s love of animals has been lifelong but became a professional interest back in 2012 after taking an Animal Ethics course during undergrad; after which she ultimately decided to go to law school to pursue a career in Animal Law.

Kelsey received her Juris Doctor from the Charles Widger School of Law at Villanova University in 2017. During her time in law school, Kelsey was a legal intern for The Humane League, The SPCA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a member of the Animal Law Society.

Kelsey is currently working as staff counsel for a major insurance company but is looking forward to learning more about Animal Law through the LLM program in hopes of bettering her pro bono work and implementing Animal Law in her 9-5 career. Kelsey presently provides pro bono services to the Animal League Defense Fund and volunteers at a local animal sanctuary. She is also a member of the New Jersey Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee and is working toward implementing an animal law pro bono program through her current employer.

Ultimately, Kelsey aspires to actively advocate for animal welfare through legal action and legislation. Kelsey also aspires to attain a higher education teaching position to further educate students on the topic of animal law and welfare. Animal law classes are sparse in the tri-state area law schools, and Kelsey wants to change that by starting a class and/or clinic at one or more of the local schools.

“We as humans can learn a lot from animals. The animals in my life are not only my best friends but have taught me true kindness and a pure love of life in its simplest form. As I continue to learn from them, I also continue to protect them. All animals deserve this love and protection, and I look forward to learning how to help provide that to all animals one legal step at a time.”