Joyce Glass

Joyce is a recipient of the Animal Law Advocates Advanced Degree Scholarship and Online Animal Law Advanced Degree Ambassador Award.

Joyce has practiced law for 23 years, over 8 of which have been dedicated to addressing companion animal cruelty issues in New York. Education, legislation and enforcement are her areas of focus. Collaboration with Suffolk County legislators, law enforcement, domestic violence organizations, and Companion Animal Protection Society has allowed her to effectuate change in Suffolk. Joyce has drafted and advocated for legislation in Suffolk and contributed to pet dealer lawsuits and rescue and breeder investigations. Joyce works with law enforcement to address dogfighting, tethering, domestic violence, and neglect. Joyce worked with Long Island Against Domestic Violence to be the first domestic violence shelter in Suffolk to accept companion animals. She collaborates with local agencies tasked with enforcing companion animal laws to ensure protocol is in place and followed (Suffolk County Consumer Affairs, Suffolk Department of Health, and shelter directors). Joyce formed an organization to sponsor victims of animal cruelty called VALAC of Suffolk County. The first dog in that program is now training for narcotics work. Joyce was recently admitted in Connecticut and is looking forward to being a courtroom advocate under Desmond’s Law.

Joyce earned her JD from Hofstra University and her dual MBA (Taxation and Finance) from the Hofstra University Zarb School of Business.