Meghan Jones

Meghan first became interested in farmed animal welfare at the age of 10 when her 6th grade health teacher showed “Food Inc.” in class. Seven years later, she would take a college course on animal ethics, which would inspire her to pursue a degree in animal studies and a career in the animal advocacy movement. After graduating from the University of Washington with a double major in Political Science and Comparative History of Ideas (CHID) with a focus in Critical Human/Animal Studies, she began to work in the nonprofit industry.

For nearly five years, Meghan worked for Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, an organization that educates and empowers students to advocate for more just, sustainable food systems. As a Regional Director in the Seattle region, she gave hundreds of presentations to thousands of students about the impacts of the U.S. food system on human and nonhuman animals and our planet and since has been working as the Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer.

Meghan’s interest in animal law and policy has not wavered since her time in undergrad. She has participated in various research roles to support lawyers working on animal rights litigation, and is excited to deepen her understanding of how the law can be used to create a better system for farmed animals through her pursuance of Lewis and Clark’s MSL. At this program’s culmination, she hopes to earn a PhD and use her research and academic skills to create a brighter future for farmed animals.