Rachel Fitzgerald

Rachel started her career in animal welfare in 2006. Since then, she has both worked and volunteered with multiple animal welfare organizations across the United States and internationally. Currently, she works as an Advanced Rescue Respondor on the Global Animal Rescue Team of a national animal welfare organization. Rachel is internationally certified in animal rescue and disaster response and is passionate about helping animals in natural and man-made disasters. She has practical experience with wildlife, domestic and farm animals, as well as exotics. She has worked with survivors from puppy mills, meat farms, cruelty, hoarding, animal fighting, laboratory testing, and the entertainment industry. In addition to her work, Rachel also volunteers with several national animal welfare organizations and is the President of her local humane society.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership specializing in Emergency Management and Criminal Forensics from Colorado State University. She is excited about the opportunities this MSL program will open up. “I regularly see both the impact of animal welfare laws, along with the critical importance of continued reform and expansion of these protections - I look forward to being part of creating a better, more compassionate world for all animals.”