Gabrielle Gilham

Gabrielle Gilham just completed her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior from Rutgers University this past spring. During her undergraduate studies she volunteered at a local wildlife hospital and refuge in New Jersey. She participated as a Wildlife Care Intern, helping rehabilitate orphaned and abandoned wildlife and releasing them back into the wild. She is also a Certified Animal Control Officer.

After graduating Rutgers University, Gabrielle spent three months in Southeast Alaska as a Wildlife Naturalist Guide, teaching guests about American Bald Eagles and Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears, to name a few. This position allowed her to foster an admiration for wild places and their conservation by teaching guests about Chichagof Island’s flora and fauna.

She is currently in the Animal Law Masters Studies in Law program at Lewis & Clark Law School. She hopes to use this program to advance towards her career goal of working in wildlife conservation efforts. She is passionate about big cats and other endangered wildlife.

Gabrielle lives in New Jersey. She spends her free time exploring the outdoors with her cat Kody, traveling, scuba diving, and painting.