Alana Carroll

Alana is a lifetime animal lover and advocate. She became a vegetarian at 14 and a vegan at 17. During her undergraduate studies, she worked as a veterinary technician and became involved in bully-breed rescue and advocacy. She has volunteered with several rescue organizations based in New York and fought to end breed-specific legislation in the US, Canada and Europe. She has lobbied in Albany on behalf of the ASPCA to end puppymills in New York State and the sale of privately-bred puppies from retail stores. Alana has adopted seven pit-bull type dogs since 2004 and currently shares her home with two American Bullies and one APBT/Boxer mix. In 2016 Alana and her husband established the Connecticut-based non-for-profit BullJay Rescue and Sanctuary. This rescue/sanctuary sits on 30 acres in NWCT and is currently in the early stages of construction and development. Eventually BullJay will be home to abandoned dogs and rescued farm animals.

Alana has a BS in Geology from Hofstra University and a MA in Environmental Science from Brooklyn College. She is Professional Geologist licensed in the State of New York and has worked as a consultant in NYC for over 15 years. Additionally, she has worked as an adjunct professor teaching Geology in Engineering at Manhattan College School of Engineering.