Tanyaradzwa Muzenda

Tanya holds a profound passion for animals. She has an interest in animal law ethics, international wildlife law, international animal law, and environmental law. Tanya is a holder of a Law Degree from the University of Zimbabwe. She discovered and developed an interest in Animal Law during her law studies. After law school, Tanya worked with Speak Out for Animals as an intern and gained experience in wildlife crime prevention through the judicial system. She later joined Advocates4Earth, majoring in public interest environmental advocacy and litigation. She has also worked at the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe as a Judges’ Professional Research Assistant.

“I thank God for the love he gave me for all animals, not just the ones I share my home with. There is nothing more mentally and physically rewarding than representing the interests of those who are often marginalized and misunderstood. This experience is helping me foster empathy and kindness. I am forever grateful for this opportunity!”