Erica Sullivan

Erica has had a lifelong compassion for animals. She made the independent lifestyle choice to become a vegetarian at the age of eight and a vegan at the age of seventeen. She dedicated every high school and college research paper to exploring the treatment of animals. Erica remains eager to educate herself and others regarding the cruelty humans inflict on animals.

Erica received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Siena College. She enjoys supporting and being a resource for others, as exemplified through her various positions held on campus. Erica was the recipient of the 2017 Student Leadership and Involvement Award.

Erica experienced the intricate procedures involved in advocacy work through her internships. She enjoyed her internship at Animal Outlook as a Corporate Campaigns Assistant and Social Media Intern. She conducted research, composed newsletters and blog posts, and designed graphics to promote campaigns. As an Environmental Associate Intern at Clean and Healthy New York, Erica spearheaded a comparative research project in order to identify a need for political action. These experiences led her to discover the department within an animal advocacy organization that she wishes to join.

Eager to implement large-scale change, Erica has turned to the law to promote the rights of animals. She is focused on addressing exploitation at the source by targeting the legislation which allows animals to be abused and disregarded. Erica is determined to be one of the driving forces urging for the advancement of animals in the law. Her greatest passion remains in advocating for farmed animals, with an additional interest in animals used for research, testing, and entertainment. Erica is proud to have been part of the inaugural Animal Law Master of Studies in Law class at Lewis & Clark Law School. Every day she is inspired to be learning from and studying alongside the brilliant current and future leaders of the animal protection movement. She looks forward to her career as a dedicated animal rights advocate.