Amelia Reiver Schlusser

Staff Attorney

Wood Hall

Staff attorney Amelia (Amy) Schlusser has extensive experience with a broad variety of legal and regulatory frameworks relating to energy, transportation, and climate change. Her work focuses on developing effective and equitable legal and policy pathways to decarbonize the economy and accelerate the transition to clean and renewable energy and transportation systems.

Amy has been with the Green Energy Institute since its founding in 2013; after serving as one of GEI’s original LLM energy law fellows, she joined the organization as a staff attorney in 2014. She has authored a variety of articles and analyses on a broad range of law and policy issues relating to renewable energy and electricity regulation, transportation and diesel emissions regulations, and climate change mitigation strategies.

Amy regularly communicates her findings and recommendations to state and local policymakers and collaborates with stakeholder organizations and community groups on climate, energy, and transportation policy initiatives. At the state level, she participates in regulatory proceedings convened by Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality, Public Utility Commission, Department of Energy, and other regulatory bodies. She has also been appointed to several rulemaking advisory committees, including the rulemaking advisory committee for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s proposed Climate Protection Program. At the local level, Amy engages with city and county governments and community stakeholders on policy initiatives and planning processes. She also collaborates with private sector representatives to address barriers to renewable energy development, transportation electrification, and market-based decarbonization strategies.

Amy received her JD cum laude and her LLM summa cum laude from Lewis & Clark Law School’s Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law program. She received her bachelor’s degree from Penn State University. She is licensed to practice law in Oregon.

In her free time, Amy enjoys rafting, skiing, mountain biking, and spending time outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. While horseback riding is her preferred mode of transportation, she enjoys bike commuting in Portland.