Jatniel S.

Jatniel Sánchez

UWC attended: United World College Costa Rica
Class Year: Class of 2028

¡Todo chévere! My name is Jatniel and I am from Barquisimeto, Venezuela. I attended UWC Costa Rica, a stage of my life that still feels dreamlike but I am glad it was real. Starting this journey posed challenges such as learning a new language, mastering time management, overcoming impostor syndrome, and even facing migration setbacks due to the socioeconomic crisis lived in my country. However, I am so proud and happy to say that my time at UWC Costa Rica was an opportunity to know myself better and increase my confidence, not only by acquiring tools to face obstacles and gaining knowledge, but also by allowing me to connect with people from all over the world, whose hearts I can still feel even from a distance. The whole experience has been memorable and essential in shaping who I am today, preparing me to embark on a new journey at Lewis and Clark.

One reason I chose to attend this college is its well-regarded teacher-student relationships, which I learned about both online and from other UWC alumni. I value the small faculty-to-student ratio because I want to feel like an active participant rather than just another anonymous student in the background. Additionally, I can’t ignore the incredibly beautiful campus, which immediately captivated me when I discovered more about it. Its location, offering both city accessibility and a natural setting, sounds like the perfect place to spend my college years studying.

I am considering majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Data Science or Dance, or both if possible. I am passionate about sharing knowledge, which is why I am particularly interested in education and pedagogy for my future. Another of the reasons I chose Lewis & Clark College is the networking opportunities and potential internships available to further my interests in education.

I look forward to expanding my academic horizons while embracing the vibrant community at Lewis & Clark College. I aim to forge lasting friendships and prepare myself for future challenges with the knowledge and experiences I can gain there.