Mitzi Bolaños

Executive Director, Anchorage Equal Rights Commission
Alaska, US
LLM ’13

Mitzi is currently the Executive Director of the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, the municipal body that enforces anti-discrimination laws. Since July 2017, she has also served on the Anchorage Animal Control Advisory Board. The Board takes public comment and drafts recommendations to the Assembly on the municipal animal control ordinance.

After graduating with her LLM from Lewis & Clark, Mitzi became the Executive Director of StubbyDog, a nonprofit working to promote a more positive perception of pit bulls and to provide resources to pit bull families.

“During the LLM program, I established relationships with mentors whose guidance has been invaluable. I was introduced to, and able to work within, a community of lawyers from around the country who practice in the field of animal law. These relationships now play a critical role in my work and I would never have had the opportunity to build these connections without the program.”

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