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Wynn Heh

Anticipated Graduation Year: JD, 2014

Hometown: The Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

Undergraduate & Previous Work Experience:  

Majored in biological sciences, philosophy (pre-law concentration), and classical civilization in undergrad. Completed a master’s in conservation biology abroad. Worked as professional IT support (desktop/telecom) for a few years before starting law school.

Are you currently employed? If so, with whom?

No, I am a full-time student.

What is your particular area of interest pertaining to law?

Environmental law and its intersections with intellectual property, as well as other areas of law and policy.

Are you involved with any extracurricular activities?

Law review, SBA, IPSO, and ILS.

What do you like to do for fun:

Infomancy, reading, collecting playing cards, playing video games, engaging in crafts of various sorts, naming my electronic peripherals, and avoiding naming my cat.

Favorite places in Portland?

Townshend’s on Alberta, Alberta in general, North Mississippi in general, the Saturday Market, Banning’s (not technically in Portland), and Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing location (also not in Portland proper, but it’s worth going there for real seating areas, and the parking lot won’t kill you).

Why did you pick Lewis & Clark Law School?

Top ranked environmental law program in the nation with strong IP and other non-environmental law curriculums as well, all in a city that’s pretty livable.

What do you like most about Lewis & Clark?

The laid-back atmosphere. (As laid-back as you can really expect in a law school, at least.)

What has been your favorite experience so far?

Ordering a cake for the Endangered Species Act’s 40th birthday, complete with footnote and citation. – Or – Getting Professor Blum & Professor Bushaw to sign and inscribe a copy of their contracts textbook that I had hollowed out to hold a flask, and then getting it auctioned off to support PILP.

Any advice for new students?

I can’t call it “advice,” but an observation on my own attitudes and priorities: rather than dramatically increasing the amount of time studying just to squeeze a few tenths of a grade point out of a class, I would rather spend it on other stuff that interested me.

Actual advice: back your data up frequently, and please, please, please learn how to use word processors efficiently.  Page breaks, small caps, paragraph spacing, indents, formatting view, keyboard shortcuts, dynamic references, etc. While it may not be as necessary on short, informal papers, learning this stuff early and applying it can save you a great deal of time in the long run. Corollary: formatting a document well will always take way longer than you expect.