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Intellectual Property Law

Amanda Gomm

Anticipated Graduation Year 2016

Anticipated Graduation Year? I plan on graduating in 2016

Hometown?  I grew up in Puyallup, Washington but I’ve lived in Tualatin for long enough to call it home. 

Undergraduate & Previous Work Experience.  My undergrad degree is in Music Education (I play the bassoon) and I have a Master’s degree in Book Publishing

Are you currently employed? If so, with whom?   I co-own and run a digital publishing company called Digital Bindery and I teach Digital Publishing at Portland State University. 

What sparked your interest in studying intellectual property law?  I’ve been working with intellectual property all along so it seemed like a natural fit to do so in a legal capacity as well. 

What do you find most interesting/surprising about intellectual property law?  The most surprising thing about intellectual property is how ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ it is. Trying to get a handle on copyright law requires reading Lord Mansfield’s opinions from 1769 and trying to reconcile it with legislative history from 1999.

Are you involved with any extracurricular activities?  Outside of law school and work I raise three kids so during the school year my extracurriculars are limited to keeping up with laundry. During the breaks I volunteer at the kids’ schools, read, and write.

What do you like to do for fun?  For fun I get together with friends, visit family in Washington, and read non-law books.

Favorite places in Portland? My favorite places in Portland are Powell’s Books, Kennedy School, and Pacific Pie Company.

Why did you pick Lewis & Clark Law School?  I picked Lewis and Clark because it was the best law school in Oregon.

What do you like most about Lewis & Clark?  What’s not to love about hanging out with brilliant students and amazing faculty in the middle of a forest? Parking. That’s what’s not to love. Everything else is excellent.

What has been your favorite experience so far?  This year I’ve watched my second year friends branch out into the fields they came here to study. My favorite thing is watching all of us turn into the people we came here to become.

Any advice for new students? My advice to new students is to get enough sleep, study consistently, roll with the punches, and live up to your own expectations. 


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Amanda Gomm Anticipated Graduation Year 2016

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