Jim Karani Riungu

Head of Legal Affairs, WildlifeDirect Kenya
LLM ’16

Jim was the first recipient of our International Advocates Animal Law LLM Scholarship. Upon graduating, Jim returned to WildlifeDirect, a nonprofit working to save Kenya’s elephant population by strengthening the response to wildlife crime, as head of their legal team.

As part of his studies, Jim worked on developing an animal law workshop for Kenyan law students, lawyers, and judges. Jim plans to use his degree and experience to further wildlife conservation efforts through law and policy development, and to contribute to the growth of animal law throughout Kenya. Upon graduating, Jim returned to WildlifeDirect as head of their legal team.

 “The Center for Animal Law Studies offers the world’s first and only advanced legal degree in animal law. There is no other institution in the world you can obtain this focused, high quality scholarly study. And, of all the amazing experiences I have gone through while here, the 2015 Animal Law Conference tops them all. The knowledge amassed over the conference and the broad networking opportunities presented were invaluable.”