Lauren Brown BA '10

Lauren Brown BA ’10, MA ’18


Lauren Brown BA ’10, MA ’18 now works as the data and systems specialist in the volunteer engagement office at the Oregon Humane Society. She and her spouse just welcomed a baby girl, Niko June, in November 2023. They are excited to “explore and discover” with her as she grows!


Lauren Brown BA ’10, MA ’18 graduated in December with a master’s degree in student affairs administration, cementing her love for L&C as a double alumna. She recently took a new position with Portland Community College as an admissions and recruitment coordinator and is excited to work toward access for all students in higher education. In her free time, she cuddles her two cats, practices yoga, and sings karaoke whenever possible.

Posted 01/23/2017

Lauren Brown BA ’10 penned a children’s book about Lilly Rose, an energetic, carefree girl whose long hair sometimes gets in her way while she’s having fun. Lilly is determined not to cut it, but what will she do when her hair gets too long?